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Keeping Your House Tidy with Limited Time

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

By The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Life can get busy, and maintaining a clean and organised home can sometimes seem impossible. I know the feeling: we are currently in my partner's childhood room as we are house hunting. We have limited space and limited time! Although our situation is temporary, I feel your pain!

But fear not. There are ways to keep your house tidy even when you're short on time. Here are some practical tips to help you maintain a clean and organised living space:

Daily 15-Minute Quick Clean: Dedicate just 15 minutes each day to tackle a specific area or task. Whether it's clearing countertops, tidying up the living room, or quickly wiping down surfaces, this consistent effort will prevent clutter from piling up.

Declutter Regularly: Set aside time every few weeks (maybe the first week of every month) to declutter different areas of your home. Donate or discard items and clothes you no longer need, and create free space. Trust me; you'll feel a sense of satisfaction when you see those full bin bags being taken away (ours were collected by a fantastic scheme run by the Brentwood Council to recycle old clothes).

Create Designated Zones: Assign specific places for items like keys, mail, and shoes. Having designated spots helps prevent clutter from spreading throughout your home.

Utilise Storage Solutions: Invest in storage containers, baskets, and shelves to organise items. Make use of underutilised spaces like under-the-bed or over-the-door storage. Vintage bags or decorative boxes can also be used for decor and storage.

One In, One Out Rule: Whenever you bring something new into your home, commit to removing an old item. I love doing this! It's become a game and rule between my partner and me. When we get something new, we get rid of the old one that we can no longer use. Notice I said, "We can no longer use". We have adopted the 'treat, repair, or refurb' attitude. For example, we bought fabric dye to give a new look to old clothing pieces we love. This helps maintain a balance, and prevents accumulation.

Tackle Laundry Regularly: Don't let laundry pile up. Set specific laundry days to promptly wash, fold, and put away clothes.

Delegate Tasks: If you have family or housemates, delegate cleaning tasks. Everyone can contribute to keeping the house tidy. I have a wipe board, and I use it for chores and reminders. I couldn't live without it! P.S. Use coloured pens. It makes it more fun!

Nightly Routine: If you don't do it, you'll turn into a pumpkin! Spend a few minutes each night putting things back in their place before the clock strikes the new day. A little effort before bed can lead to a more organised morning.

Multitask: Combine cleaning with other activities. For instance, listen to an audiobook while doing the dishes or watch a show while folding laundry. Or put on a great song. I play "Walking On Sunshine" - often!

Schedule Deep Cleaning: Plan for a deeper cleaning session once a month or as needed. Focus on areas like the bathroom, kitchen appliances, and floors.

Remember, the goal isn't perfection but creating a comfortable and functional living space to reduce stress. With consistent effort and these practical tips, you can keep your house tidy even when time is limited.

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