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Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

Wow! I can't believe how different I feel and look. They helped me completely change my look and boost my confidence. The coach's expert advice and guidance made all the difference. Now I feel like a brand-new person, ready to take on the world! Highly recommend their makeover services!


I can't thank Michella enough for her support in helping me overcome panic attacks. Her techniques truly changed my life and I can now stop an attack in one minute, which is unbelievable. With her guidance, I learned to manage my anxiety and regain control during stressful situations. I feel calmer and more equipped to face any challenge that comes my way. If you're struggling with panic attacks, don't hesitate to reach out.

Panic Attacks

Sunrise Life Coaching has been a game-changer for my social anxiety. The coach's understanding and empathy created a space for me to open up and work on my fears. With her help, I gained valuable tools to deal with 'group' situations with ease. I'm now stepping out of my comfort zone an doing things I never dreamed I would. Thank you for helping me break free!

Social Anxiety

Thanks to Sunrise, I found the confidence to pursue my dreams of starting a new business. The coach's unwavering belief in my abilities helped me to take the leap. Michella helped me identify my strengths and improve my business plan. With her support, I turned my passion into a reality and now run a thriving small business. I'm forever grateful for her encouragement. I highly recommend her coaching.

Dog Trainer

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